NPS - NonProfit Governance Symposium (NEW)

Course Description The NonProfit Governance Roundup is jointly organised by SID and the Social Service Institute. The half-day event seeks to provide a summary of the major contemporary issues and latest happenings on governance and directorship matters in nonprofit organisations, including charities. At the same time, trends and what might be expected from regulators and leading practices in the next twelve months will be covered. Speakers will include regulators, professionals and leaders from the nonprofit sector.

This event is ideal for busy board members and executive directors of nonprofit organisations to catch up on the latest matters, and to know what to look out for in the coming year. It also provides an opportunity for them to network and share on the nonprofit scene.
Course Objectives
  1. Provide a summary of key issues and happenings related to directorship and governance in the nonprofit sector in the past twelve months, and what can be expected in the next twelve months.
  2. Allow board members to meet, network and discuss the latest governance updates and challenges as well as to share experiences.
  3. Inform participants on available resources and training opportunities toimprove their effectiveness on nonprofit boards.
Course Outline The session will cover contemporary topics on key issues and happenings in the nonprofit sector. The specific topics will be decided closer to the event, and would typically include the following:
  1. Regulatory updates such as revisions to the Charity Code of Governance by the Charity Council and the Commissioner of Charities.
  2. Policy updates and plans in key nonprofit segments such as social services, arts, environment, and international organisations.
  3. Social-business convergence including social enterprises, impact investments and base-of-pyramid businesses.
  4. Social innovation.
  5. Volunteerism, philanthropy and corporate citizenship.
  6. Training and professional development for nonprofit directors.
  7. Sharing on Board Survey of Non-profit Organisations.
  8. Risk and Crisis Management for Non-profit Directors.
Level Updates.
Target Audience
Directors and senior management in the NonProfit sector.
Course Duration Half day (lunch provided).
Delivery Presentation, case studies and audience Q&A.
Cost TBA.
CPD Hours 4 hours.


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