SID Directors Conference

Since 2010, SID has organised a flagship annual Directors’ Conference, which is positioned as the one forum that board directors would want to attend each year.

Asia's Renaissance
The new era of Recovery and Reopening

8 - 9 September 2021
An Asian Renaissance beckons as regional economies recover and rebuild from the throes of the pandemic. As organisations adapt to the new realities of today, many are looking ahead and exploring ways to emerge stronger. The march of the Asian decade is a source of growth and opportunities. This year’s SID Directors Conference returns with a hybrid format to look at emerging trends, through the perspective of industry players, regulators and thought leaders. The conference will cover themes around the new capitalism, geopolitical shifts, hyper digitalisation, focus on ESG (environmental, social and governance) and the global tussle for talent.


Podcast Series

As part of our post conference engagement with partners and attendees, the newly launched conference podcast series aim to provide greater insights into key topics covered at the virtual conference in August. Tune in to hear more about how organisations can navigate through the complexities and unknowns in this pandemic situation to reassess business as usual.

Episodes are available here.

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