SID continues to take a strategic and proactive approach in engaging the media. Press releases were issued for major SID events and statements issued with regards to its position on various issues related to directors and corporate governance.

2020-06-08 BT. Balancing now, and beyond Covid-19

Posted on 6/8/2020
THE Covid-19 pandemic exacerbates new and prescient risks that organisations have struggled to contain even before the outbreak.

2020-05-11 BT. Uplifting governance of private companies

Posted on 5/11/2020
PRIVATELY held companies have grown in number over the past few years, even as publicly listed companies have declined.

2020-04-27 BT. More companies may need to cut dividends on Covid-19 uncertainty

Posted on 4/27/2020
Market-watchers say a number of firms may need to focus instead on conserving cash under current economic landscape.

2020-04-18 ST. Charities in business: Need for new governance rules and structures

Posted on 4/18/2020
Charities in business are often set up as private limited companies - but they handle public funds. Consider introducing "community interest companies" like in the UK, or other such structures.

2020-04-13 BT. Board renewal: An investment in the future

Posted on 4/13/2020
IN recent years, board refreshment has moved into the mainstream of corporate governance.

2020-03-06 BT. Boards and Value Creation

Posted on 3/6/2020
In an age of disruption, businesses now more than ever need to find creative solutions to the challenges brought about by transformation in the forms of new technology, evolving business models and customer expectations.

2020-03-05 BT.The case for greater gender diversity in non-profit boards

Posted on 3/5/2020
Board diversity is becoming increasingly important, but it is especially so for non-profit groups, given the diversity of the people they serve.

2020-02-26 BT.Virus outbreak can be impetus for companies to improve, diversify

Posted on 2/26/2020
A CRISIS is an opportunity riding the dangerous wind. So goes one Chinese proverb.

2020-02-24 BT.More may be prepared to speak up on corporate malfeasance

Posted on 2/24/2020
IN Singapore, where whistleblowing is not a culture and faith in management is sometimes tested, hardcoding the whistleblowing policy into the Listing Rules gives assurance for more people to come forward to expose fraud and malfeasance.

2020-02-10 BT.Data protection - taking the 'It will happen to us' approach

Posted on 2/10/2020
RECENT events have driven home the importance of data protection, especially of personal data.

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