SGD - Singapore Governance For Outstanding Organisation Directors Programme (New)

Course Description The S-GOOD programme is developed for directors of nonprofits in collaboration with the Social Service Institute, a division of the National Council for Social Service.

The programme is designed around the learning needs of board members of the nonprofit organisations. The programme goes beyond the basic compliance requirements of a nonprofit director to provide an understanding of the various aspects of a nonprofit organisation and good governance practices which are important.

The modules will typically include instructor presentations, case examples and case studies, and panel discussions.
Course Objectives
  1. Examine the nonprofit landscape in Singapore, the implications for nonprofit governance and how it differs from those for commercial organisations.
  2. Differentiate between the roles of board and management, as well as board members as governors and volunteers, and analyse the practices best suited for the board.
  3. Analyse areas of strengths and gaps associated with board roles and responsibilities, and develop appropriate actions to facilitate greater organisational alignment and set board priorities for the NPO.
  4. Examine talent and volunteer management strategies to ensure operational sustainability.
  5. Compare strategic options to make informed decisions that are aligned with the mission of the NPO.
  6. Understand the financial reporting requirements for compliance with the Charities Accounting Standard (CAS) and increased accountability to stakeholders.
  7. Examine fundraising approaches and stakeholder management to ensure organisational sustainability.
  8. Investigate social innovations, technologies, enterprise and other trends on the horizon to improve the effectiveness of NPOs.
Course Outline The eight modules of S-GOOD are:
SGD 1: Essentials of NonProfit Board Leadership.
SGD 2: Board Dynamics.
SGD 3: Board and Management Dynamics.
SGD 4: Talent and Volunteer Management.
SGD 5: Strategy and Board Performance.
SGD 6: Financial Management and Accountability.
SGD 7: Fundraising, Outreach and Advocacy.
SGD 8: Social Trends.
Level Essentials.
Target Audience
Aspiring, new and current directors of nonprofit organisations (NPOs).
Course Duration 8-module programme.
4 hours per module.
Delivery Presentation, discussion and case study-based learning.
$400 (excl. GST); $428 (incl. GST) per module*.
*This course has been pre-approved for VWOs-Charities Capability Fund (VCF) funding up to 15 April 2020. All exempt, registered charities and Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs) can apply for the VCF, and are required to fill in the VCF Training Grant Refund Form.

For more details on the VCF funding, please click here.

CPD Hours 4  hours per module (32 hours in total for 8 modules).
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