SYD - So, You Want to be a Director




Course description

This course provides an overview of the directorship landscape in Singapore; the duties, responsibilities, risks and rewards of being a director; and the key considerations for accepting a directorship. Ideal for aspiring directors, this introductory course seeks to provide an appreciation of what it means to be a director of a commercial company. For those who want to know more about directorships in nonprofit organisations, SID also offers the course, “So, You Want to be a NonProfit Director”.

Course objectives

  1. Provide a macro view of the directorship landscape in Singapore.
  2. Outline the range of duties, responsibilities, risks and rewards of directorship.
  3. Equip participants with knowledge to make informed decisions before joining a board.
  4. Plan the next steps for development as a director.

Course outline

  1. Introduction.
  2. The directorship landscape.
  3. Duties, responsibilities and liabilities.
  4. Rewards.
  5. Due diligence.
  6. The directorship journey.


Target audience

Aspiring and new directors, and senior management working with boards.

Course duration

2 hours (1 hour self-paced e-learning + 1 hour live webcast).


Blended learning: e-learning (pre-read) and live webcast for panel discussion and Q&A.

Course Fee

SID members: $162.00 (incl. 8% GST)
Non-members: $280.80 (incl. 8% GST)

CPD hours

2 hours.