MFG - Money for Good (NEW)

Note : Classroom sessions will resume in 2021.
Course Description Sound financial management is the key to ensure long-term viability and survival of any charity organisation. Reserves should be accounted for and managed at individual fund level, each with different fund objective, budget projections, time horizon, risk level and investment objective, and stress-tested for extreme scenarios. However, most charities lack the experience or expertise to do so, and many lack the resources to implement sound financial management practices. Curated for small and medium-sized charities, Money For Good is a series of four panel discussions that will address all aspects of sound financial management, including cash flow, reserve, investment management and risk management. The focus is on practical examples and solutions.
Course Objectives
  • Understand the guidelines detailed in Principles of Financial Management and Internal Controls detailed in Section 6 of the Code of Governance for Charities and Institutions of a Public Character.
  • Learn from the examples of best practices in financial management, including cash flow, reserve, investment management and risk management shared by experienced panellists
  • Explore practical solutions to adopt and adapt best practices into the specific context and constraints of the small and medium-sized charities.
Course Outline The four Money For Good panel discussions are:
MFG1: Managing Cash and Donations.
MFG2: Reserve Management and Drafting Investment Policy Statement.
MFG3: Fundraising Tips and Best Practices.
MFG4: Financial Code of Governance.
Target Audience
Aspiring, new and current directors of nonprofit organisations (NPOs).
Course Duration 2 hours. 
Delivery  Panel discussions.
Cost   Complimentary.
CPD Hours  2 hours. 


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