S&C - Seminars & Conferences

Course Description Industry experts, regulators, academics and thought leaders are invited to present on current topics and events. Presentations generally feature high-profile speakers and are followed by panel discussions and Q&A sessions on related issues.
Course Objectives Engage in sharing and discussion of key issues and trends in corporate governance and directorship matters, or topics relevant to the theme of the event, with the goal of elevating knowledge of directors and key stakeholders.
Course Outline

The following conferences and seminars are planned for 2020:

  1. SID Directors Virtual Conference 2020: The 2020 conference will focus on the areas of leadership and governance. The conference will feature leading speakers who will share fresh strategic insights and practical ideas in driving organisational growth, influencing boardroom behaviour and leading governance thinking. Themed breakout tracks will focus on key topics.
  2. ACRA-SGX-SID Audit Committee Seminar 2020:“Looking Beyond the Veneer of Numbers”. The seminar addresses how an effective Audit Committee oversight plays a critical role in investor protection and, by extension, helps to ensure the proper functioning of capital markets. It has become increasingly evident that Audit Committees need to look past the face value of financial accounts; while the numbers may add up, there may be more than meets the eye.
  3. Singapore Governance and Transparency Index (SGTI) 2020: The forum presents the results of the SGTI, an industry benchmark of governance disclosures and practices. The index assesses the timeliness, accessibility and transparency of Singapore listed companies, real estate investment trusts and business trusts, in accordance with OECD principles of corporate governance.
  4. Best Risk Management Award Seminar 2020: At this forum, learn about key elements and indicators of adequate and effective risk management and internal control disclosures and practices. An opportunity to learn and gain insights from a selection of 2019 award judges and winners.
Level Focus.
Target Audience
Board directors, senior management and senior professionals who work closely with boards and on corporate governance.
Course Duration 2 hours to full day.
Delivery Presentations, panel discussions and Q&A with high-profile speakers.
Cost Varies.
CPD Hours Varies.


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