SYD - So, You Want to be a Director

Course Description The course provides an overview of the directorship landscape in Singapore; the duties, responsibilities, liabilities and benefits of being a director; and the key considerations for accepting a directorship. This course seeks to provide an appreciation of what it means to be a director of a commercial company. A similar course, themed on directorships in nonprofit organisations, is “So, You Want To Be A NonProfit Director”.
Course Objectives
  1. Provide a macro view of the directorship landscape in Singapore.
  2. Identify the duties, responsibilities, liabilities and benefits of being a commercial director.
  3. Help participants make informed decisions before joining a commercial board.
  4. Share the next steps for a person’s development as a director.
Course Outline
  1. The director landscape.
    • Who is a director.
    • The different types of directors.  
    • Board structure.
    • The regulatory environment in Singapore.
  2. Responsibilities, liabilities and rewards.
    • The fiduciary duties of a director.
    • Statutory duties and responsibilities.
    • Liabilities and conflicts of interest.
    • Rewards of being a director.
  3. Due diligence.
    • Due diligence when offered a directorship.
    • Understanding the company and its key relationships.
  4. The directorship journey.
    • Examples of various director journeys.
    • What’s next.
Level Fundamentals.
Target Audience
Aspiring and new directors, and senior managers working with boards.
Course Duration 2 hours (lunch provided).
Delivery Presentations and Q&A.
Cost SID Member : $140 (excl. GST); $149.80 (incl. GST).
Non-SID Member : $240 (excl. GST); $256.80 (incl. GST).
CPD Hours 2 hours.


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