CGU - Corporate Governance Updates for Listed Companies

Course Description This is an in-house session for the board of directors of a company. It comprises two 60-minute modules and a 90-minute module, which can be delivered in the boardroom as part of a board’s continuing professional development programme.
Course Objectives
  1. Update corporate boards and senior management teams on the latest developments in the ever-changing regulatory environment in Singapore and globally.
  2. Provide an update to the audit committee and other board members on the key changes in financial reporting requirements, and working with auditors.
  3. Update boards on the latest cyber security risks and how to build resilience.
Course Outline
  1. Module A – Corporate Governance and Regulatory Updates (60 minutes).
    a.    The governance challenge.
    b.    Trends and development in corporate governance including the revised Code of Corporate Governance.
    c.    The latest developments in the Companies Act.
    d.    The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) – impact on companies.
    e.    Looking ahead.
  2. Module B – Auditing and Financial Reporting Updates (60 minutes).
    a.    Key changes to the Financial Reporting Standards and practical implications.
    b.    The financial reporting surveillance programme.
    c.    Assessing and working with auditors including audit quality indicators.
    d.    The enhanced audit report and key audit matters.
    e.    The Audit Committee Guide.
  3. Module C – Cyber Awareness & Technology Risk (90 minutes).
    a.    Cyber security and technology risk.
    b.    MAS regulations, circulars and other policies.
    c.    Interactive cyber simulation exercise.
    d.    Building a cyber resilient organisation.
Note: As this is an update for the board, the course content and materials may change depending upon the timing of delivery.
Level Updates.
Target Audience
Individual board of directors.
Course Duration 1-2 hours.
Delivery Presentation.
Cost $1,500 (excl. GST); $1,605 (incl. GST) for each module of 60 minutes.
$2,500 (excl. GST); $2,675 (incl. GST) for each module of 90 minutes.
CPD Hours 1-2 hours.

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