Nominating Committee Guide

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Why is gender diversity – or for that matter, board diversity – important for an effective board?
How does an independent director suddenly lose his “independence” after nine years on the Board?
How do the directors remove the Board Chairman?

The answers to these questions and more are provided by the Nominating Committee Guide, the definitive best practice guide to the role, duties and challenges of a nominating committee (NC).

Aimed especially at listed companies in Singapore, the Guide is produced with the support of resources from EY, and a review panel of leading practitioners and professionals in the corporate governance field.

It provides comprehensive coverage of the regulatory and practical aspects of the responsibilities and issues faced by the chairman and members of an NC. These include:

  • The composition of the board and the NC

  • The process for the nomination, appointment and termination of directors

  • Succession planning for directors and senior management

  • Considerations for board diversity and director independence

  • Professional development of directors

  • Evaluation of the board, committees and individual directors

  • The NC calendar and agenda

The Nominating Committee Guide is part of a series of Corporate Governance Guides that covers a board and its major committees.

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