MCD - Masterclasses for Directors




Course description

The Masterclass series comprises stand-alone course modules aimed at bringing the competencies of experienced directors to the next level. Masterclass faculty are selected for their ability to facilitate a deep dive into specific areas of competencies, and bring out learning points from case studies and group interaction. The Masterclasses thrive on group sharing of perspectives and experiences, and deliberative engagement on different points of view are to be expected.

Course objectives

  1. Enhance understanding and update on key trends in directorship matters.
  2. Challenge alternative perspectives through different sets of lenses.
  3. Appreciate the complexities of problem-solving through debate and discussion.
  4. Learn though sharing of real-life boardroom experiences and issues, using case studies.

Course outline

The course outline and dates will be announced in 2023.

Target audience

Directors seeking to sharpen their directorship skills.

Course duration

Half to 2 full days (depending on the module).


Presentation with case studies and group discussion, facilitated by experienced professionals and/or leading academics. Peer sharing and participation is part of the learning process. (Preparation prior to class attendance may be required.)

Course Fee

Half day
In person
SID members: $529.20 (incl. 8% GST)
Non-members: $734.40 (incl. 8% GST)

1 Full day
In person
SID members:  $842.40 (incl. 8% GST)
Non-members $1,177.20 (incl. 8% GST)

2 Full days
In person
SID members: $1,684.80 (incl. 8% GST)
Non-members: $2,354.40 (incl. 8% GST)

CPD hours

4 - 16 hours (depending on the module).