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Quarter 1, 2024


  • Future-Proofing the Board through Building Resilience
  • Future-Proofing for an Uncertain and Complex World
  • Business Resilience Through Effective Boards
  • The Future is AI
  • Harnessing the Potential of Artificial Intelligence Responsibly
  • The Digital Board
  • Relevance and Impact of Advisory Boards
  • Mitigating Directors’ Personal Liability for Corporate Offences
  • The ESG Mindshift in the World of Boards
  • The Role of Boards in Climate Governance
  • Evolution in the Conduct of Shareholder Meetings
  • Addressing the Public Disclosure of Executive Pay
  • Navigating Workforce Transformations
  • Leadership Future: How to be the Leader Gen Z Adores


  • BOARDROOM MATTERS: The Game-Changing Role of ChatGPT on Boards
  • ASK MR SID: Conflict over conflict of interest
  • REGULATOR'S VOICE: Advancing Board Diversity and Renewal