Women on Board - Making A Real Difference


Singapore is still playing catch-up in the global diversity agenda – only one in nine listed board seats are filled by women. An oft-cited reason for not appointing women to leadership positions is there are no qualified candidates.

This book debunks the notion that the lack of female talent and fit are to blame. Through the profiles of 24 women and their directorship journeys, the picture that emerges is one where board-ready women cut across age, ethnicity, profession and background.

The diverse range of talents and interests featured in the pages of this book is a real eyeopener and inspiration to those who think the corporate boardroom dull and colourless.

Among the accomplished women profiled in this collection of personal stories are an endurance sports enthusiast, award-winning novelist, science fiction fan and international pianist.

Politically engaged, socially resilient and acutely attuned to the changes taking place around them, women in boardrooms are making a real difference.

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